Contest for most arrests was a joke, says Texas constable

Contest for most arrests was a joke, says Texas constable (Photo/video: KTRK / CNN Newsource)

A constable lieutenant who sent a text to other officers about an arrest 'contest' was just a joke, says the Fort Bend Constable's Office.

According to Houston media outlet KTRK-TV, the text offered the officer with the most arrests over a two week period a chance to drive the lieutenant's new patrol cruiser.

The winning officer would get the vehicle for two weeks; the runner-up would get the vehicle for one week.

Constable Wayne Thompson said the contest was a joke and not meant to be taken seriously.

"We don't do that here. It's never been done before. I think its important to realize the difference between a challenge and a contest," he said. "The law is very clear: We can't conduct any sort of reward or promote people or discipline people based on the number of traffic tickets they write or arrest."

Thompson added the lieutenant who sent the text will not be reprimanded, adding there was no violation of policy or law because he stopped the contest before it ever started. He also insisted there is no quota system in place at his agency.

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