Europe experiencing same illegal immigration crisis as United States

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    It's a crisis playing out in our own backyard. The Texas border with Mexico.

    The national debate over how to stop illegal immigration is not only going on here but also halfway around the world. We took a look at a European border where our cameras weren't welcomed by all.

    Just like the Texas border with Mexico, what divides two countries is not much.

    If it wasn't for the snow and the signs in another language you would think you are in south Texas near a border crossing. Instead Fox San Antonio traveled overseas to Europe where the same problems occur like stopping illegal immigration, drugs, human trafficking and smuggling.

    Thousands of trucks cross the border between Croatia and Bosnia everyday. Croatia is a member of the European Union and a gateway for illegal immigrants to get into Europe.

    Croatian border patrol invited our cameras to tour a border crossing station. While some of their technology is like ours the x-ray machines, the meters that can detect radioactive material.

    Other technology we have not seen on the Texas border.

    From this crossing station Croatian border patrol officers watch hundreds of cameras across their area of operation. These images of illegal immigrants caught just a few days before our visit.

    And while this is the largest border crossing in Croatia there are smaller check points that are seeing hundreds trying to illegally get into Croatia along the Serbian border.

    Here in Ilof, a very small checkpoint we were surprised when the Croatian border patrol took us to the line in the snow. On one side Croatia and on the other Serbia and hundreds of illegal immigrants from all over the world.

    Who had been caught in Croatia thanks to extensive surveillance cameras and were sent back to this refugee camp..

    Here it is the job of this commander to make sure they control the numbers trying to cross...

    Her job is even more difficult she says because of her sex.

    "It's quite hard," she said. "You will never know when they will try something. You must have your eyes open all the time.

    As for the refugees they say they have no money to try and go elsewhere. So they will sit here and wait to see how they can try to illegally enter Croatia once again.

    This is the first of several stories Fox San Antonio will be sharing with you as we take a closer look at illegal immigration. Yami virgin fox news at nine..."not only going on here but also halfway around the world.

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