Girl, 2, dies after suspected tick bite

Girl dies after tick bite (WISH/Family photos/CNN Newsource)

(WISH/CNN Newsource) A family in Indiana says a 2-year-old girl who died over the weekend may have died from a tick bite and they are now warning other families to check for ticks.

According to the family of Kenley Ratliff, 2, she became very ill last week with fever and purple rashes all over her body. She was twice treated for strep throat at a hospital, but then released.

Her family says she was re-admitted when the fever did not go down and doctors began treating her for Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, a tick-borne illness.

"She had purple rashes splotches all over her body and uniform pattern just all over little tiny purple spots big purple patches," said Nichol Kirby, a family friend.

Kirby says Kenley's mother is urging other families to check for tick bites.

"She would be devastated to see this to happen to anyone else and I think she would just, she would just everyone to know how much she loved her baby girl that was her angel."

The Ratliff family is now waiting for official autopsy results to confirm whether a tick bite is to blame for little Kenley's death.

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