Grandfather claims school waited three days to show him child's suicide note

School waits 3 days to show students suicide note (Video: WLBT / CNN Newsource)

A grandfather in Mississippi was outraged to find out his grandson's school waited three days before showing him a suicide note written by the child at school. The child did not take his own life, but his grandfather is upset over the school's handling of the matter.

McDaniel Gatson told media outlet, WLBT, that he went to the school to talk to the principal about another incident involving the 10-year-old child getting kicked in the groin by another student. That's when he was told about the letter.

He was shocked to learn that school leaders had known about the letter for three days. Gatson says he asked why he was not told until Wednesday.

"He said 'We was testing Tuesday.' Okay. So I said, 'Testing?! You take testing over a life?' It could have been a conversation about burying my grandson."

The district superintendent later told the TV station they are investigating the matter and will take administrative action if Gatson's allegations are true.

"I'm really just trying to expose the fact that we have a problem with bullying in Yazoo City School District."

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