Grave marker company apologizes to family after repossessing child's headstone

Grave marker repossessed (Video: WBTV / CNN Newsource)

A company that repossessed a headstone from the gravesite of a 5-year-old boy is now apologizing to the child's family and offering to replace the marker.

On Monday, WBTV in North Carolina reported the story of Wayne and Crystal Leatherman. They lost their son, Jake, to leukemia last year.

Crystal told the media outlet she was stunned when she visited her son's grave recently and saw the headstone was removed. They later learned it was removed by the company that made it because the family still owed money because of changes they made to the stone.

The Leathermans said they were never informed of the increase in price.

Since the story first aired, the company has issued an apology and offered to replace the stone at no cost to the family.

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