Proposed Utah bill could stop gender changes on birth certificates

A new Utah bill could stop people from changing the gender specified on their birth certificates. (Photo: MGN)

A proposed bill could stop Utahns from changing the gender specified on their birth certificates.

The Utah Vital Statistics Act H.B. 153 details that once a birth certificate is complete, only the name or a mistake can be changed.

Residents won't be able to change anything else, unless they submit an application to the state registrar that includes a certified copy a court order. This can be denied.

Under the current Utah law, people who are born in the Beehive state can change their sex if it's approved by a Utah, United States or Canada court.

Now, Rep. Merrill Nelson and Sen. Ralph Okerlund are looking to change that.

The proposed bill states that at birth, babies must be assigned a gender. Depending on their anatomical characteristics, the babies can be classified as male, female or undetermined. The latter can only be used if the sex can't be determined at birth.

Once the birth certificate is signed by the mother, father (if he is present) and a medical professional, the baby's gender can't be changed.

Click here or below to read the entire bill:

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