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Secretary details affair with principal following his suicide in school parking lot

Marcia Morgan (Kirbyville CISD)
Marcia Morgan (Kirbyville CISD)
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BEAUMONT, Texas (KFDM) — The former Kirbyville High School secretary accused of having a romantic affair with principal Dennis Reeves has released a statement in response to pending litigation against the school district and a dozen of its officials.

Reeves killed himself in the school parking lot after allegedly receiving an ultimatum on his employment from the district's superintendent.

That ultimatum was given after officials confronted Reeves over an affair with his administrative assistant.

The principal had tendered his resignation shortly before his body was found in his running car with a .380-caliber semi automatic pistol believed to be the weapon used in the suicide.

Marcia Morgan, Reeves' former secretary, says she regrets getting involved with Reeves and wishes none of this ever happened.

In a statement, she describes hardships she experienced that led to their affair.

"I have always hoped to never tell anyone these things, but I am being forced to do so at this time. I really did not want to get into an argument in the media with Mrs. Reeves. I do not see what purpose it serves. However, she has filed a lawsuit against me, demanding the truth, and apparently the court is ordering it to be produced."
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Read her full statement:

First and foremost, I want to say that I made a mistake in getting involved with Mr. Reeves. The below statement is not written to justify it or make myself look better. I was wrong and I am deeply sorry for it. I take full personal responsibility for my conduct.
I am also deeply sorry for not telling the truth to my friends, family and confidants. Again, the following statement does not justify my actions.
I have always hoped to never tell anyone these things, but I am being forced to do so at this time. I really did not want to get into an argument in the media with Mrs. Reeves. I do not see what purpose it serves. However, she has filed a lawsuit against me, demanding the truth, and apparently the court is ordering it to be produced.
I am very sad about his death. I wish that none of this had ever happened.
In July of 2015 I was transferred to work as secretary for Dennis Reeves.
In September of 2015, I was experiencing some very difficult issues in my life:
1. I had to take a week off from work for a very personal family issue not related to the other two issues mentioned below. Throughout the week, Mr. Reeves would call or text daily checking on me. He was very supportive and had very comforting words.
2. My Mother was sick. At the end of that week my mother became very ill and nearly died. She had been ill for a very long time. I would drive my dad and her to Dallas quite frequently to the only doctors who were able to treat her. When she took a turn for the worse that particular week, she was sent back to Dallas to be admitted to the hospital. Each day, Mr. Reeves would call or text to check on me and my mom. In some of the texts he would tell me how much he missed me being there and couldn't wait for me to get back. He would text me and tell me that I was awesome and was missed.
3. My Marriage was in trouble. My husband and I have had many issues throughout our marriage. The above events made it worse. We ended up getting a divorce.
When I returned to school, Mr. Reeves left a card on my computer the day I returned that said he was glad I was back and that things weren't the same without me there.
In October 2015, we developed a close friendship at first. Then talks started becoming more personal. He knew about my problems. He then started confiding in me that his marriage was troubled. How his wife was not supportive and would throw terrible fits over nothing.
His compliments kept coming- telling me that I was beautiful. That he hoped my husband realized what he had. I admit that I let these words influence me and draw me in. I was vulnerable and searching for support and his attention made me feel good about myself.
I tried several times to stop the affair but he would persist and tell me he loved me. He said he wanted to leave his wife and if ever given the chance he would ask me to marry him. I would always give in because I believed him.
Mr. Reeves wife became suspicious. In January of 2016 she began contacting me by text and making accusations. Some of them were very angry and vulgar. Mr. Reeves told me several times that his wife would “ruin” him if she found out, and that he would kill himself if it came out. He specifically said he would or should kill himself at least two times, and one time mentioned “blowing his brains out”. Because of this, I did not want to tell anyone, and had to lie to many people.
By the end of the school year I started feeling pressure to find another job. Mr. Reeves' wife had given the ultimatum that either he had to find another job or I did. She wanted him to fire me.
Throughout the year I would go to Amy Fountain and Mrs. Brockman's office because of the guilt I felt. Never being able to tell them for fear of what they would think of me. Mr. Reeves never liked me going to their office. He would always find me and bring me back to the front. He would get angry when I wouldn't tell him what we talked about. There was one occasion where he yelled at me, threw his keys and told me that he had to have a secretary who was loyal to him. Many times he wanted to talk negatively about Amy and Mrs. Brockman but I would refuse to take part.
Kirbyville CISD superintendent Richard Hazlewood heard rumors of an affair. He met with me and Mr. Reeves. We both denied the allegations.
In the Spring of 2016 there was a possibility of the PEIMS position opening up at the Jr. High. I thought I would take that to be able to leave. However, I found out that it would be a pay cut and decided I couldn't afford to take it. Mr. Reeves became very upset and immediately sat down at the computer and said that he had to find another job. He did this more than once and I would always feel guilty and give in and say that I would leave. Thankfully the secretary's position opened up at the elementary and I asked to be moved there. Our physical relationship was ended at that time.
In April 2017, a former high school co-worker was having issues with Mr. Reeves. Over spring break, he called me three times yelling at me. Saying that I was to blame for her changed behavior this year. Mr. Reeves told me I was a toxic friend to her. I asked to speak to Dr. Wallis concerning Mr. Reeves and the teacher having issues with him. I told Dr. Wallis I was afraid that I would be pulled in the middle and that I wanted no part of it. I told Dr. Wallis I was very happy where I was and that I did not want to be a part of the high school drama. I had moved on. The Superintendent asked about the rumors of an affair. I again denied the affair. He told me that if he found out I was lying I would be fired.
Later, when things got worse between them Mr. Reeves tried texting and calling but I would not answer or respond this time. So, he made an excuse to come over to my campus so that he could ask why I wouldn't answer him. He said he wasn't going to blast me. He just wanted me to talk to the co-worker.
Then, he asked if he could call me later and I told him that it wouldn't be a good idea. But he called anyway. The third time he called I finally answered. He wanted to know if I thought he was a good principal - if I thought he was a good man because he valued my opinion of him. I told him what I thought and that I was finally happy and had moved on. I told him to work on what he had. He said things were rocky. He asked me if he and his wife didn't work out would there still be a chance. I told him that I did not want to go there. That I was finally happy and that I had really moved on with my life. I also told him that he shouldn't contact me again.
I felt I did my part to move on. I changed jobs. Ignored the whispers. While he kept his job and was continuously praised by the community. I've tried to avoid him in public. But I felt he always put himself in my line of vision when we were in the same places at the same time. My friends I would be with always commented and asked what was the deal with him always looking at me.
I repeatedly denied the affair, to my co-workers, and to Mr. Reeves wife. She continuously accused me of the affair for long after it was over. Much of this was on the internet.
On May 19, 2017, Mrs. Reeves sent me a text telling me that Mr. Reeves had confessed the affair to her.
I did not respond to her text.
On May 22, 2017 she sent me another very threatening text. Again, I refused to respond.
I saw postings by Mrs. Reeves on the internet about me. They were very threatening and named me by name. In one post, she was threatening to confront my children and tell them about me. I was afraid that the affair had been made public, and that I would lose my job. I made an appointment to meet with the Superintendent and tell him about the affair to save my job.
On May 23, 2017, I met with KCISD Superintendent Dr. Tommy Wallis and Assistant Superintendent Georgia Sayers. I told them that I had not told the truth about the affair. He told me he already knew. That someone had already shown him the internet postings. I gave him copies of the text messages and postings and described the affair to him. He asked me to write a statement. I became upset and told them that Mr. Reeves had threatened to kill himself if the affair was discovered. They told me that such talk was just bullying and not to worry about it. They told me that they would meet with him, and not to respond if he called or texted me (he did not).
I was in a room typing the statement. Mrs. Sayers came in and told me that he resigned and that moments later he killed himself. There was a counselor with Mrs. Sayers at that time.
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