Several children suffer chemical burns at Indiana water park

Several children suffer chemical burns at Indiana water park (Video: WGN / CNN Newsource)

About a dozen kids suffered rashes and blisters after a day at a water park in Indiana this week and health inspectors say they likely suffered chemical burns.

One woman said her daughter was in pain after her day at the park.

"She complains that her legs were rubbing together and said it hurt really bad. She was uncomfortable. She kept saying I don't want to sit down, I don't want shorts on because the shorts were about where the injury was," said mom Jamie Mullenhour.

County health officials in Porter, Indiana, said they found several violations at Seven Peaks Water Park, which opened this week without the proper permits or inspections. A machine that monitors the PH levels and chlorine in the pools may be to blame for the burns, said inspectors.

The park will be shut down until it can come into compliance, but Mullenhour says it's too little, too late.

"I just don't trust that we can ever go back there."

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