'Sex robot brothel' to open in Houston neighborhood

(KTRK, CNN Newsource)

They are the new generation of sex dolls- sex bots that respond to touch and include verbal responses and next week, according to the owner of Kinkys Dolls, its first franchise in the country will open in Houston.

It will be a place where the dolls can be rented for a half hour and up to two hours.

According to the company's web page for its Toronto operation, customers choose the doll then goes to a private room that's provided.

The price of the products range from $2,500 to $5,000 and are available for sale versions that include artificial intelligence sell for $10,000 but there is opposition. The group Love People, Not Pixels is part of that.

"We're talking about robots right now it's a hot button- but tomorrow it could be virtual reality or something else- its coming back to the heart of demand of sex buying," said Joe Madison with Love People, Not Pixels.

Groups fighting human trafficking oppose it as well, concerned it will make the sex industry grow as pornography did on the internet. But some who live in the area have more immediate concerns.

"There's kids around here and it's a family-oriented neighborhood and I live right here and to have that here is just gross," said Andrea Paul, who opposes the sex bot business.

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