Undercover officer shot in head while trying to stop robbery at bar

(MGN Online)

UPDATE: Authorities have identified the undercover police officer who was shot in the head when he and other officers disrupted a Fort Worth bar robbery as Garrett Hull.

Officer Brad Perez, a police spokesman, confirmed that Hull was the officer who was shot early Friday by one of three suspects who were attempting to rob patrons of the bar.

Perez says the suspect who shot Hull was then killed in an exchange of gunfire. Two other suspects fled the bar but were later apprehended.

Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald at an earlier news conference declined to identify Hull at the time but described him as a well-liked member of the force who left the department at one point and then later returned.

Hull was listed in critical condition at a Fort Worth hospital.

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) -- Authorities in Texas say an undercover police officer was shot in the head and a suspect was killed when a police unit tried to stop a robbery at a bar.

Fort Worth Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald says the officer was part of an undercover team that was trailing three people who were suspected in a string of robberies. Fitzgerald says a mix of undercover and uniformed officers tried to arrest the suspects, but one of them opened fire early Friday, striking the undercover officer.

Fitzgerald says police returned fire, killing one of the suspects. The other two suspects were arrested shortly thereafter.

Police say the officer is in critical condition at a Fort Worth hospital.

No one inside the bar was harmed during the shootout.

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