World War II veteran's headstone found in alley

(KTVI via CNN Newsource)

A brother and sister stumbled upon a headstone belonging to a World War II veteran that somehow ended up in an alley.

Geoege W. Dohrendorf Jr. was born on October 28, 1922 and died on November 21, 1943, according to his headstone. His headstone was found in an alley in North St. Louis by siblings Shemir and Samariah. They were playing in the alley for about 20 minutes when Shemir found it.

Samariah then went to tell her dad.

“I kind of thought it was cool but then I thought ‘how did this get back here? Why is it back here? Who brought it back here?,’” she said.

There is a cemetery nearby, but an online search revealed he was actually buried at a different cemetery a few miles away.

Further investigation found that Dohrendorf was a private in the army in the tank division, he died in Italy during WWII and was awarded a Purple Heart after he died.

Shemir and Samariah never thought they’d cross paths with Dohrendorf, but they’re happy they did because now they are on the quest to return his headstone to his grave.

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