"DaDa will never ever forget you": Family says goodbye to boy lost in crash

    This picture of 20-month-old Madden Madray was displayed at the boy's Celebration of Life service.

    On Friday afternoon, a Newberry County family said goodbye to a little boy who was hit and killed by a car earlier this month.

    Last Saturday, 20-month-old Madden Madray was hit by a car on Macedonia Church Road, just yards from his family's home.

    Friday's memorial service started with a song at McSwain-Evans Funeral Home in Newberry. Then, Madden's father, Andrew Madray, read a poem written by the little boy's uncle.

    "You're so wonderful to think of but so hard to be without," the poem read.

    The poem continued, "as we brave that bitter grief that has come to stand, we can't help but wonder why God took our little Mad Man."

    An orange ball was there for comfort. Each person that spoke, held the ball.

    Part of the poem acknowledged its significance, "are there balls in Heaven where little boy's go? I guess only you and God would know."

    Madden's family says "ball" was one of his first words and that he loved sports.

    "With Jesus by your side and a ball in your hand, MadMan strong," Andrew read as he lifted up his hand, holding the ball.

    The boy's parents didn't want the day to be about sadness. After the poem, Andrew gave a confession.

    "I never told mommy but I was so scared. So scared to do something wrong. You made Daddy look like a pro," he laughed with the crowd.

    Andrew continued with his letter to his son, "your smile wasn't contagious. It was infectious."

    Those in attendance wore colors instead of black because the family wanted to celebrate Madden's life.

    "You are now his (God's) MVB, Most Valuable Baby. Push that truck with all the beautiful angels and know that DaDa will never ever forget you," said Andrew.

    Although Madden's parents said their goodbyes, his mom, Bobbie Godfrey said their baby is now with the angels.

    "We're just jealous. We're just so jealous. We're just selfish because we want him here," said Bobbie. "He's in such a better place. Such a better place. So much better than this."

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