Naked woman shuts down Houston highway during morning rush hour

Naked woman shuts down Houston highway during morning rush hour (Photo: KPRC via CNN Newsource)

SAN ANTONIO (KABB) -- A naked woman who danced and stood on top of a big rig during morning rush hour traffic in Houston managed to bring commuters to a dead stop on Monday morning.

The woman's antics began to spread on social media almost as soon as she climbed on top of the rig. Police at the scene said the incident began after a crash.

The bizarre incident shut down the westbound lanes of Highway 290 at Huffmeister Road for a couple hours.

Emergency crews used a fire truck ladder to bring the woman down from the top of the rig at about 11a.m.

Darlene Knebel told KTRK the woman crashed her car before stripping down in traffic.

"She got out of the car and started going toward the 18-wheeler and all of a sudden she started throwing her clothes at the on-coming traffic," Knebel said. "She was taking her clothes off. She was nude by the time she got to the 18-wheeler."

Brian Shirley, a spokesman for the Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department, said it took emergency responders two hours to talk the woman down from the 18-wheeler.

"Approximately 9 o'clock this morning, we get a call out to a psychiatric emergency," Shirley began. "And, upon our arrival, our ambulance crew found the woman that we've all seen in the video atop the 18-wheeler. At that time, they called for more specialty apparatus to come out and for the last two hours, the Harris County Department of Public Safety in Cy-Fair have been trying to talk her down from the top of the truck.

"They were able to have her get off the truck without having to physically remove her," he continued. "She walked into the ladder bucket and they brought her down safely. At this time, she's being transported to the local hospital for treatment."

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