Report: Man pulled gun to get his momma's 'f------- money'

Leanthony Dupree Brown (Al Cannon Detention Center)

An incident report provided by the Charleston County Sheriff's Office states a man was arrested last week after pointing a gun at another person and saying, "give my mom her f------ money."

Leanthony Dupree Brown of Charleston is now facing a charge of pointing and presenting a firearm. According to the report, Brown said he gets blackout angry. The report states he went back and forth on his story as he recounted his version of an interaction with a man over work to be done on his mother's vehicle.

The man Brown confronted, according to the report, said Brown had a gun in his waistband, pulled the gun out and slid back the hammer while saying things like, "you're giving my mom her money." The man said Brown also told him he would be back later in the night.

Deputies say a witness at the scene corroborated the man's account. The report states Brown even admitted at one point that he had a Sig Saur P320 pistol and said things like "give my mom her f------ money."

Brown, 27, was issued a $10,000 bond on the charge.

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