The Paper Challenge is not as easy as it looks

Caetlyn Stromp demonstrating the proper way to do the #paperchallenge. (Courtesy: Caetlyn Stromp)

The Paper Challenge is the latest to take the internet by storm.

The task is simple, pick up a folded piece of paper off the ground with nothing but your mouth without falling over. The kicker, don't touch the ground except with your balancing foot.

Thousands of people have tried the #paperchallenge. The level of difficulty can vary based on how high off the ground the paper is.

This man was able to complete the challenge with having the paper just a few inches above the ground.

Employees at ABC 6/FOX 28 attempted the challenge, but our lack of coordination defintely showed.

Personally, my lack of flexibilty definitely showed.

Even with the shirt untucked, Meteorologist Andrew Buck Michael coudn't get it done.

The team attempted the challenge after an assignment desk editor's daughter, Caetlyn, said it was "really easy."

It was after we attempted it that we learned Caetlyn has been a gymnast for the majority of her life.

Caetlyn said taking off your shoes can help you keep balance.

Try the challenge for yourself and tag @wsyx6 on Twitter with #paperchallenge.

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