On The Run: Nicolae Strava, wanted on sexual assault charge

(Photo: Bexar County Sheriff's Office)


The Bexar County Sheriff's Office needs your help to find Nicolae Emil Strava. Strava is wanted for a Sexual Assault in northwest Bexar County.

According to Deputy Garcia with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office, "The victim reported to deputies that she had been physically assaulted by 42-year-old Nicolae Emil Strava and broke her cellphone intentionally after the assault. The victim who fled to a hotel for safety would later be contacted by Strava by email, apologizing for the assault and took the victim food."

Strava, who was allegedly heavily intoxicated, sexually assaulted the victim in the hotel room, after he found out the victim's friend contacted the sheriff's deputies to report him about the earlier assault.

"In June 2018, a warrant for Sexual Assault was issued for Strava's arrest and has been on the run since. Strava's last known residence was in northwest Bexar County, but also has been known to frequent in Valdosta, Georgia and Los Angeles, California," said Garcia.

Strava, 42, is 5 feet 9 and weighs 160 pounds.

If you have more information on this fugitive -- you can call the Bexar County Sheriff's Office at 210-335-6000 and remember you can run, but you can't hide from Fox San Antonio viewers .

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