Our City, Our History: Celebrating 300 years

(SBG San Antonio photo)

Many know this year is San Antonio's 300 birthday, but did you know it's also the tricentennial for Bexar County?

In 1691, a formal Spanish expedition reached into what would later become Bexar County. However, it wasn't officially founded until May of 1718 under the Spanish flag. The old Spanish missions of San Antonio were established, setting the foundation for both Bexar County and the city of San Antonio. It was here where the Franciscans taught Native Americans skills and introduced them to Christianity.

But where did the name "Bexar" actually come from? It was named for the second son of the Duke of Bejar, a fallen soldier in Spain.

In honor of Bexar county's 300th anniversary last week, the county hosted a royal visit by the duke and duchess of Bejar, Spain themselves.

Another important part of Bexar County and San Antonio history -- the San Pedro Creek. The project to revamp the creek just celebrated the completion of the first phase this past weekend.

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