Our City Our History: H-E-B's Christmas tree

(Photo: SBG San Antonio)

It's a San Antonio Christmas tradition dating back more than three decades.

In this week's "Our City Our History" we took a look behind the history of H-E-B's Christmas tree.

For the past 34 years gathering the day after Thanksgiving to watch the H-E-B Christmas tree light up has been a time-honored tradition for San Antonians.

"You feel all the love and the passion and the unity and everyone just wanting to be commemorate and celebrate the holidays. And there's no better time, you know -- anytime is good time to be here with your family. This is special."

Last year the tradition was relocated to Travis Park but a smaller tree was still provided at Alamo Plaza. This year the H-E-B Christmas tree is adorned with 10,000 red and white lights and dozens of gold and silver ornaments.

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