Our City, Our History: How you can plan your trip to the Old Spanish Missions

(SBG San Antonio photo)

As as if San Antonio wasn't already a great enough city with its amazing food and culture, having a huge piece of Texas and American history in our own backyard just adds to it's uniqueness.

Aside from the Alamo downtown, the other four Old Spanish Missions of San Antonio sit right along the river all the way to the outskirts of San Antonio on San Antonio's far South side. However, visiting the all of the missions in one day can be tiring. Planning your trip to the missions is imperative to being able to soak in all of the history.

"For people to visit all four, it would take a lot. You would be tired at the end of it. So, I usually tell people, 'go to 1 or 2, and then come back another day and go to the other 2' or something like that," said David Garcia, Director of Old Spanish Missions of San Antonio.

Each of the four missions offers free, guided tours with a park ranger or volunteer as the grounds make up the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. You can also go inside the missions, which, aside from the Alamo, remain active parishes today.

"To go through the churches and the buildings, is really very, very special...and very peaceful...very relaxing...and also, very inspirational," Garcia said. "There's a peacefulness about each campus of the missions that really draws you in."

Our missions have been around close to 300 years.

Viewers like you can donate to help keep them around for another 300 years by clicking here.

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