Our City, Our History: San Antonio River

(SBG San Antonio photo)

Since 1937 -- the San Antonio River Authority has been working on a lot of projects.

"The River Authority was created in 1937. We're a subdivision of the state of Texas," said Steve Graham, Assistant General Manager with the San Antonio River Authority.

Graham says their mission can be summed up in three words: safe, clean and enjoyable. He says they work to keep people safe from flooding, make sure the river is clean, and give people ways to enjoy the river.

One of their major projects is the San Antonio River Improvement Project.

"The San Antonio River Improvement Project is really a legacy project since the 1950s, butted to we've been working on flood control projects since then as part of the San Antonio Channel Improvement Project. And overtime that evolved into the River Improvement Project," Graham said.

And in the early 2000s, SARA started an eight mile river restoration project -- the largest urban river restoration in the United States.

"So that project, we were trying to rebuild the ecology of the river that we had back in the 50s, but we wanted to do all of that and preserve the flood control functions," Graham said.

The Mission Reach Project was completed five years ago. SARA says since then, they've seen an ecological lift.

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