Our City, Our History: Schilo's serving up great food since 1917

Schilo's Deli (SBG San Antonio)

Established in 1917, Schilo's Delicatessan is 101 years old.

It originally began as a saloon in Beeville in the early 1900's, but it moved to East Commerce in 1917.

"We get parents whose grandparents brought them here back in the 60s, and now they're bringing their grandkids up here. So, it's a family tradition not just for us - but for the customers," said General Manager Digo Ramos.

Schilo's is known as a German deli, but it also serves up other foods.

"It's representative of all the different cultural backgrounds that make up San Antonio. Obviously, the Germans and the Europeans had a huge influence on the Texas community. Here we are 101 years later, serving up the same stuff."

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