Our City Our History: The Koehler House

(Photo: SBG San Antonio)

UPDATE: This article has been updated to remove a reference that the Koehler House hosts rentals for weddings and other special events. San Antonio College says it is now no longer available for rental use.

It's a house with rich history that now hosts classes for San Antonio College.

In this week's "Our City, Our History" we took a look at the Koehler House.

Construction on The Koehler House began in the late 1890's. Otto Koehler and his wife, Emma, built the house not far from the Pearl Brewery, which he owned. The couple was a big deal in San Antonio's social scene back then. The house came complete with a one-lane bowling alley inside.

"They hosted a lot of important folks around town as well, but it had kinda a storied and interesting history through Prohibition as well," said Jeremy Banas, a historian.

After Otto was murdered in 1914 his wife, Emma, kept up with the home and the family business. It was passed down through the family and the estate was eventually deeded to what's now known as the Alamo College back in 1971.

The Koehler Cultural Center houses art studios and offices today.

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