A mother and daughter keep their home and the daughter's school district

Rebecca Ziemer's daughter, Mia.

SAN ANTONIO - Rebecca Ziemer is a disabled single mother who learned just weeks before Christmas she would have to move out of her apartment. “I started crying, and I said, ‘well, you know, it's Christmas, and you know, how soon do I need to move?”

Inspectors had found some structural code violations. So, instead of unpacking her Christmas tree, Rebecca says, “I came home and started packing, got boxes. I was just so upset.”

San Antonio Housing Authority, in charge of her voucher for Section 8 Housing, informed her that in addition to it not being up to code, SAHA would need to follow guidelines if she had to move out that would reduce her voucher since she had only partial custody of her daughter. It meant the Ziemers would need go from a two bedroom apartment to a one bedroom unit for the two of them. Rebecca says, “It is very important that she [her daughter] has her own room.'

Rebecca was also trying to keep her daughter in the same elementary school but explained, ‘To stay in the school district would be next to impossible.’ Her daughter Mia reacted saying, “I love my school. I have a lots of friends.”

Rebecca made several calls in December to see if anything could be done, but struggled to find solutions.

So, she called Problem Solver. And, we called SAHA to see if there were any other options.

"As soon as I heard from you," said Rebecca, "I had people come and make sure everything was fixed and make sure it looked right." Her mother, Bev Strickland, explained, “It was truly astounding the voice that you have and the difference that that made because there was just no where else to turn.”

Everyone came together to help this wish come true. A new knob, cracks and air conditioning all repaired and brought up to code! SAHA also sent this statement:

“The San Antonio Housing Authority understands how inconvenient a move during the holidays could have been for Ms. Ziemer, and we commend the property management for working diligently to make the unit repairs needed to ensure Ms. Ziemer has quality, safe housing.”

Mia was elated saying, "I keep my school." Rebecca was extremely grateful to all parties helping to work towards a solution. She said, "I am so grateful. I want to cry. I'm just so happy. Thank you so much."

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