Crumbling sidewalks create obstacles for handicap resident

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SAN ANTONIO - Roy Quezada is now 53, yet for the past 20 years, Cerebral Palsy has taken him from walking with crutches to a wheelchair.

“I was falling down a lot," Quezada said. "So, I had to convert to a chair in order to avoid from me falling down especially at work because it's a liability.’

He works at a popular local movie theater and depends on his motorized wheelchair to get him down the sidewalk from his home just off Datapoint Drive to get to the bus stop to get to work or to run errands.

“It's taken me to like HEB just down the street or maybe around the corner here to eat but, mainly HEB just down the street or to the bank," Quezada said.

There’s a major hindrance though to his daily routine.

“Some of these sidewalks in some areas, they're cracked," Quezada said. "They're broken.”

What if he tried to use some of them?

“it would cause me to have an accident and probably damage my chair," Quezada said. "Or, it could cause me to flip over or hurt myself.”

He has to get on the side of the road to avoid hurting himself.

“It’s not safe because you never know a car might run over, not just me, but anybody in a wheelchair," Quezada said.

Quezada said he’s been pulled over by a police officer, asking him to go to the sidewalk.

“I told the police officer, 'I would do that sir but some of these sidewalks in some areas are not accessible,'" Quezada said. "So that's why I do what I do.”

Quezada reached out to Problem Solver. We began making calls to the city and local businesses along Datapoint Drive to see if anything could be done.

The City of San Antonio said it is looking into potential solutions. No word yet on if local businesses who may own some of the sidewalks in the area will be chipping in to make some of the needed repairs.

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