Problem Solver helps return one neighborhood to the calm it remembers

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SAN ANTONIO - A quiet street in Northwest Bexar County is facing quite the change.

"I moved out of the city, and the city’s now moving out to me," said resident Michael White.

Some of the growing pains include new construction and White said he’s faced them first hand in his neighborhood with 18 wheelers driving down his narrow residential street, Geronimo Drive.

"There was a lot of heavy traffic," White said. "Some of those guys were like flying through here, and it was like, 'hey, be a little considerate.'"

White has lived at the same address for more than 20 years now. He said sometimes he would be mowing his yard and had to stop to let the trucks squeeze through.

"Barely one of the trucks would fit on the street at a time," White said.

His biggest concern was for the elderly in his community.

"We do have some younger families out here with kids and we don't have sidewalks out here," White said.

White believes the trucks would come down the unpaved Mount Scott Road and instead of continuing past the San Antonio Water System facility and onto more dirt road onto Geronimo Trail, the trucks would turn onto Geronimo Loop and then onto White’s street, Geronimo drive. Geronimo Drive is paved, so the dirt from the unpaved roads he says would often collect on his street.

"I didn't know who to call," White said. "Do I call DPS or call Bexar County on this?'

So, he reached out to the Problem Solver.

We started making some calls. First, to Bexar County, then to San Antonio Water System, who has a facility there. Then to CB Fossil Springs Limited, a company that had recently sold land just beyond the paved roads to a company called Lennar Homes that's building a subdivision just beyond the area. It had hired a contracting company that was using the roads.

Within three days, crews came together to help solve the issue for residents in the area. Not only did the truck traffic stop, but a tractor came to clean the mud off the streets.

"I figured if I call like you, you could call around," White said. "And, you've rattled somebody's cage because almost immediately it stopped. [] I appreciate it.”

Thanks to the organizations we called to fix the situation, like the Office of the County Manager with Bexar County and others, we were able to problem solve and help return White’s and his neighbors streets to the peaceful place they've known.

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