Combating cyber crime while you travel this summer

SBG Photo

SAN ANTONIO -- As many of us get ready to hit the road or the skies this summer we need to remember there is a new type of thief out there. You won't see them or hear them but rest assured they are out there and they would love to separate you from your personal information and your money.

Just some of the scams to look out for include phishing emails with links they hope you click on, to someone learning that you are closing on a house and they attempt to get in the middle of the transaction.

Jefferson Bank's Chief Information Security Officer Roman Medina said cyber criminals cast a large net and only need a few to fall victim in order for their scam to succeed. He also said these criminals try to play on your emotions by threatening to do something like close a credit card account if you don't take action.

The bottom line is you really need to go the extra mile to protect yourself in this new day and age of cyber crime. Checking your credit cards and bank statements on a regular basis is a good first step.

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