Instant background checks with the ‘Forewarn’ app

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SAN ANTONIO - Few careers leave you as isolated and as on your own as that of a real estate agent. That’s why it’s very important to think about safety, especially when you are in rural areas. A new app was created specifically to keep agents safe.

For the last five years, Erin Modesett has earned her living showing homes and pieces of land to prospective buyers. She admits sometimes it can be unnerving.

“Of course I always get scared,” explained Modesett. “You don’t know who you are meeting. It could be someone at random from an assigned call that just calls you up.”

Since it’s part of your job and how you make a living, unless you sense an immediate red flag, you are most likely going to go.

“We try to work a lot with referrals, but there are those people who call off signs that want to look at a house, and you just go and show them,” said Modesett.

One smart thing to do is to let others know where you are at all times, but when you are busy there are times that doesn’t happen.

That’s where a new app called ‘Forewarn’ can come in helpful.

“It’s a great app. I am super thankful for it. You put the name and number in and all the info comes up within seconds. It’s a secure feeling.”

All you do is put someone’s phone number in and you get a background report that includes the person's property ownership history, tenure with that particular phone number, vehicle ownership history and any criminal history. You can also put in their name, date of birth and address if you have it.

Even male real estate agents like Jason Martin see a use for Forewarn.

“Sometimes we can try to research the name online, and to be honest, there are not a whole lot of very good sources,” said Martin.

Forewarn is available for professional insurance agents in your app store with a subscription. CLICK HERE to learn more…

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