Local app developer wants to help people make their dreams come true


A San Antonio man is working on a new app aimed at turning your dreams into reality.

"It's a mobile application which allows people to not only become dreamers, but doers." Winslow Swart is a member of San Antonio-based Geekdom, co-founder of One Million Dreams and Chief Inspiration Officer for the soon to be released 'DreemApp.'

"It's an environment where people can articulate top dreams and assign action items and time lines for their own progress.

Swart makes it clear he is not talking about goals, but something much bigger.

"I've always been pretty good at goal-setting and achieving goals," he says. "But goals are kind of predictable. Dreams are epic."

Winslow expects to release the DreemApp for IOS by mid-January and for Android by Christmas.

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