VIDEO: Skater on frozen lake that doesn't look real

Pineview Reservoir in Utah (Video: Justin McFarland)

On a cold day like today, this is exactly the kind of video you need see. It's drone footage of skaters on Pineview Reservoir in Utah.

Justin McFarland shot the video last week. KUTV shared the video on its Facebook page and commenters immediately tried to label it a fake. It's not.

He also issued his own warning:

WARNING: I would feel partially responsible if somebody were to see my video, go skating here without caution and get hurt. These skaters are wearing life jackets, have tethers, and are carrying screwdrivers. The ice on THIS DAY had been tested extensively. Please test your own ice each day, don't try to 1UP this video with something careless. Thanks, and enjoy the clip.

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