5 immediate steps to take if you're in a car accident

While it’s frightening to think about, always being prepared for an automobile collision can make the moments after the accident much less stressful.

Car crashes: they’re one of those things that you don’t think will ever happen to you. Until they do.

And unfortunately, Texas roads are no stranger to collisions. In 2017, one person was injured in a motor vehicle traffic crash every two minutes, four seconds, and one person was killed every two hours, 21 minutes.

While it’s frightening to think about, always being prepared for an automobile collision can make the moments after the accident—and the claims process—much less stressful. If you’re the victim of an accident, you may have injuries—physical, emotional, or psychological—that result, and you have rights that need to be protected.

Following these steps may help the success of a potential personal injury case:

1.Seek medical attention immediately for your injuries. If you, a family member, or friend were hurt in an accident, get medical help first. Your well-being and health are more important than anything else at this time. You may not feel any apparent injuries or pain immediately following the crash, but symptoms can show up days or weeks later. Delaying medical care can not only put your long-term health at risk but hurt your potential accident claim.

2.Call the police and file a police report. Be sure to be as accurate as possible when describing the accident to the police. Do not make assumptions or speculations regarding facts surrounding the accident and your injuries.

3.Report the accident to your insurance. Contact your insurance company as soon as you can following a crash (most policies require an immediate accident report). This will also let you discuss your medical benefits and begin your claim. As your claim is processed, keep a detailed log of any medical bills, updates, changes in health, and crash-related expenses.

4.Record facts and take pictures. Document the accident by taking photos of the scene, the factors that contributed to the crash, and your injuries. Acquiring evidence from the scene can be crucial in your injury lawsuit. Collect the names, addresses, and phone numbers of any people involved in the accident, including witnesses. In some accident cases, such as automobile and trucking accidents, you should get the insurance information of all parties involved.

5.Contact an experienced accident attorney. A team of knowledgeable injury lawyers will be able to assist you every step of the way. They will take immediate action on your case to preserve evidence, examine the existing case law, and find the best expert witnesses in the country on your behalf. Your lawyer will put you in the best position possible to achieve the compensation you deserve.

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