How to easily solve 3 common small business productivity challenges

Is running a small business running you into the ground?

Oh, the wonders of technology. It increases productivity and makes running a small business easierright?

Unfortunately, while technology can be a huge asset to any small business, it can also be the biggest obstacle to efficient operations. How many times have you been late to a meeting because your printer started giving you error messages as you were getting your hand-outs ready? Or spent hours pulling your hair out trying to find a document buried somewhere on your desktop? Or had a mega-panic moment when your server crashed, and you lost sensitive data you had been working on?

Overcoming these technical difficulties can make or break a small business. Here are three common productivity challenges and how to avoid them to keep your business running smoothly.

1.Unorganized and insecure files and data.

Of all the technological disasters to occur in a small business, losing important documents, client information, or data can be the most catastrophic. A secure cloud with data protection and block level encryption is key in keeping your data protected, backed up and secured.

Having an efficient filing infrastructure is also important, especially if you’re still using a paper system. Digitizing your files not only makes them easy to back up, but it also improves their accessibility and organization. Imagine being able to find information with keyword searches, password-protect certain documents to restrict access to authorized users, track viewers, and even access sensitive documents securely via mobile devices or laptops. Sounds much more straightforward than searching through paper files, right?

2. Slow responses from IT support.

We all love Gary the IT guy. But does Gary get bombarded every day with constant IT crises? Is he working with outdated systems that makes it challenging even to keep your office technology afloat, let alone functioning efficiently?

A dedicated IT support company can remotely monitor and manage your IT systems, receiving live systems alerts so that they can often resolve crises behind the scenes before you even need to make a call. IT support experts can also review your entire existing IT infrastructure and make strategic recommendations to get you on the road to increased productivity.

3. Wasted resources on printing services.

How much does your small business spend on printing services? Between hardware purchasing, consumables purchasing, and repair and maintenance, it can be hard to keep track. There’s a good chance you’re wasting unnecessary operational expenses on your printing systems.

Managed print services can take the guesswork out of your printing workflow - reducing costs, streamlining paper-intensive processes and safeguarding client information. What does this mean? Assessing your current setup to determine if your printers, settings, and vendors are working most efficiently for your small business needs. Often, you’ll be able to continue using the current technology you already have in place, in a more cost and time-effective manner. A regular review of your print services will keep your growing business up to date on the latest technology and processes.

Whether it’s data security, file digitization, IT support, or printing systems, Knight Office Solutions will work with your existing infrastructure to provide the improvements and support that you need to get your small business running smoothly. Their deal: doing the right thing to build strong relationships that will benefit your business for years to come.