How to erase your criminal record (yes, that's a thing!)

Break free from the ball and chain!

Having a criminal record makes you feel stuck. It’s basically a “DO NOT TOUCH” sign for potential employers, universities, military officials, and anyone else with easy access to background checks.

But, what if you found out there’s a way to say, “POOF!” and make it all disappear? Enter the world of record clearing. There are two ways to do it:

1.An expungement essentially erases your criminal record. It means that your record is no longer accessible to the public, and you can legally answer “no” if asked if you have ever been charged or convicted of a crime. Pretty cool, right?

2.On the other hand, a sealed record or non-disclosure means that only the government can see the charges on your record. This is typically applied when the crime could not legally be expunged. The record still exists, but it is not accessible to the general public or via a background check. Only certain entities (like the government) have access to your record.

This sounds awesome! What’s the first step?

First, you have to make sure your case is eligible. You could work with a lawyer, but who wants to pay an arm and a leg for that? That’s where online record clearing companies like Easy Expunctions come in. And, just for background, the average lawyer expungement cost in Texas is around $1,500. Easy Expunctions charges around $500 (depending on the package you buy). An online record clearing company will typically run a background check on you for free.

Who’s eligible for this service?

Glad you asked! The criteria will differ state-by-state. But in Texas, you can expunge an arrest as long as you didn’t get convicted or receive some community supervision. You can also expunge a Class C Misdemeanor if you’ve completed a deferred adjudication (like probation, treatment, or community service, depending on your case).

To qualify for a non-disclosure, you must have either successfully completed deferred adjudication or have only one conviction on your record.

Cool! How do you sign up?

With Easy Expunctions, it truly is easy. First, you need to register for an account on their website. Then, their system will do a nationwide scan, and show you a comprehensive background report for free (this is what you look like to anyone running a check on you). When you’re ready, the experts at Easy Expunctions will generate the legal documents, provide you with their online portal to file, and there you have it! You file. It’s like the arrest (and the expunction) never happened. Ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom.

Easy Expunctions offers a clear and cost-effective solution to clearing criminal records. Learn more at or give them a call at 210-816-6655.