Listen up: Here’s how hearing loss affects you and your family

Is your hearing loss affecting your loved ones?

If you suffer from hearing loss, you’re not alone. One in four people suffers from an auditory condition, and almost half of adults over 75 have a hearing impairment.

Whether you were born with hearing loss or diagnosed later in life, adjusting to being deaf or hearing-impaired can be difficult not only for you, but for your loved ones as well. Avoiding seeing an audiologist or hearing specialist can only make matters worse.

Hearing loss and your personal life

Known as “The Invisible Handicap,” hearing loss can lead to a wide variety of issues and secondhand conditions. Yet, only 15 percent of adults with hearing loss use hearing aids due to high prices, subpar fit, lack of information, and social stigma, according to Consumer Reports and other various surveys.

But more than 78 years of innovative research and high-tech hearing solutions like the ones from Beltone are changing those perceptions.

If you’re avoiding consulting a hearing specialist, think again. Untreated hearing loss can affect your balance, make conversations difficult, and lead to a higher risk of falling.

On an emotional level, hearing loss can cause feelings of social isolation, depression, anxiety, frustration, and fatigue. A study from the National Council on Aging showed that once adults who were suffering from hearing loss got hearing aids, the quality of life and levels of happiness were significantly better.

Further research shows a strong link between hearing loss and the risk of developing dementia. Adults with mild hearing loss were twice as likely to develop dementia, those with moderate hearing loss were three times more likely, and those with severe hearing loss had five times the risk of developing dementia. While there is no definite conclusion that hearing aids can reduce the risk of dementia, there is a strong positive correlation.

The American Academy of Audiology reports that hearing aid users can experience things like better relationships at home, a greater sense of independence, a more fulfilling social life, and even a better sex life.

Hearing loss and your family:

While you may think your healing impairment only affects you, take a look at your loved ones. The Hearing Loss Association of America says that hearing loss is shown to have a negative impact on social skills and family relationships. Not only does it take a toll on levels of communication, but nobody, no matter how much they love you, wants to act as a “human telephone.”

When you can’t hear well, you’re inclined to sit out family events, dinners with your partner, or concerts with your children. Your family wants to enjoy your company, and hearing loss prevents you—the full you—from being present.

Don’t miss out on life’s precious moments. Call Beltone today and schedule an office visit—your health and your family will thank you.

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