''Smart'' hearing aids are transforming people's lives

Say goodbye to your old hearing aids.

Think back to a time when the only available phone had a rotary dial and cars didn’t get more than 20 miles per gallon. It was 1940, and Beltone had just started creating high-quality hearing aids.

Now, smartphones and smart cars are necessities for modern-day living. And just as these devices have advanced over the years, Beltone’s state-of-the-art designs have also transformed—which is why if you suffer from hearing loss, Beltone’s smart hearing aids are the most recent technological advancement you just can’t live without.

“Hearables” are wireless in-ear computational earpieces, according to Everyday Hearing. They fit right in your ear canal and utilize wireless technology to supplement and enhance your listening experience. What exactly does that mean? Your hearing aid not only provides clear perception, but also syncs to your wireless devices, measures biometrics, and has the potential to amplify sound.

The Beltone Trust is a discrete hearable that wirelessly connects to your mobile device via a Bluetooth connection, allowing you to adjust your hearing aids to compensate for different surroundings (like a concert versus a quiet restaurant), answer phone calls, stream your favorite music, and even follow the voice directions of a GPS. All you need to do is download the HearMax app and connect your device.

Julie Quandt, a Beltone Trust hearing aid user, loves the technological advancements involved in her latest pair—including the ability to contact her audiologist through the HearMax app.

“The Beltone HearMax app includes the Remote Care feature, which allows me to contact my hearing professional from anywhere in the world to make minor adjustments and to improve my hearing when I’m not even in town,” Quandt, a frequent traveler and marathon runner, says. “And that is a game changer for me because I could come in for an appointment and the next week be on the road. So to have that remote assistance is incredible.”

Discretion is at the heart of the Beltone Trust’s design, allowing you to choose an in-ear model or behind the ear, as well as from a variety of color options to match your skin tone or hair color—making the hearing aid almost disappear while you’re wearing it. And the unique way that Beltone Trust mimics how the ear naturally processes sound helps you to focus on speech or anything else you find important, allowing you to identify where sounds are coming from.

“The advanced technology of the Beltone Trust hearing aids, combined with the Remote Care feature of the app,” says Quandt, “is giving me freedom and ability to hear beyond which I ever would have thought when I was first diagnosed with hearing loss.”

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