Manu Ginobili's future doesn't include coaching, for now

FILE - In this March 31, 2017, file photo, San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili (20) and center Pau Gasol, obscured at center, celebrate with teammate Kawhi Leonard (2) after a basket with 5.8 second left by Leonard in the fourth quarter of an NBA basketball game in Oklahoma City. The Spurs have watched franchises in Cleveland, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago and elsewhere bottom out after losing a foundational star. Not only have they not bottomed out, they enter the Western Conference playoffs eyeing a sixth championship.(AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki, File)

The 2017 NBA GM survey was released and most General Managers picked San Antonio Spurs' Manu Ginobili as an active player who will make the best head coach someday.

And why not?

Manu is one of the game's best competitors, successful in the NBA and in international competition, had a high basketball IQ and has played with Head Coach Gregg Popovich since his NBA career began.

But does the sound of "Coach Manu" ring a bell with Ginobili? It's nice but not likely.

"At this point it's not a priority," said Ginobili when asked if coaching could be in his future. "As of today I say 'no'."

Once basketball is done for Manu, he'll likely travel and immerse himself with his family, and focus on his kids. For him, life is more than basketball. It's simply just trying your best and being a good person.

"Earlier or later I want to be remembered as a good person, a good dude, that I was here around in town, and fun to watch, and good to hang out with but after a few years it's going to be forgotten," said Manu in an interview with SiriusXM NBA Radio.

But like any competitor, he'll never shut the door on staying close to the game that has brought him so much.

And although coaching is not in his thoughts, he does leave that window ajar to one day being called "Coach."

"You never know. In a few years I could change my mind," he said.

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