LaMarcus Aldridge on Ginobili's circus 3-point pass: Manu makes magic happen

Manu Ginobili (Via MSG Network)

In the "Big Apple" Manu Ginobili had LaMarcus Aldridge and the crowd spellbound.

No, the San Antonio Spurs guard didn't hang up his sneakers for a career as a magician but against the Knicks, he showed some of that Manu magic he has.

While LaMarcus Aldridge was in the paint calling for the ball, Manu lobbed the ball only it didn't end up in Aldridge's hands - it went right through the net and no one in the arena even noticed.

The refs missed the made 3-pointer that Manu had to foul to get the refs to review the play and count the bucket.

Said Aldridge on Manu's pass that counted for three points in the end, "He makes magic happen."

The 3-point shot propelled the Spurs to the win and showed Manu can even dazzle himself.

Ginobili would finish with 12 points off the bench and have the play of the night.

And his teammate was left mesmerized at the plays Manu still has up his sleeves.

"He is the only 40-year old that plays like he does," said Aldridge.

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