WATCH: Spurs' Derrick White balling in Austin

Brandon Paul and Derrick White in Spurs Icon Edition - Credit Justin Mor....jpg

Derrick White hasn’t played much for the San Antonio Spurs, but he is definitely balling for the Austin Spurs.

After their recent game against the Long Island Nets, it was hard not to notice White’s performance. Derrick scored 22 points, but also doing his part on defense picking up a few steals that would lead to easy baskets for the Spurs.

The aspect that stood out from White’s game, is the fact that he was scoring in so many different ways.

We saw him attack the paint and score with a pretty floater multiple times, we saw him go to the post, and we saw him step out and shoot the call from the mid range and behind the arc.

It’s obvious that White has game and this only helps prove it. One play in particular stood out.

At the 1:20 minute mark of the video, White enters the post along the baseline. He take a few dribbles before he pump fakes which gets his opponent in the air, which allows White to showcase his footwork that would lead to the layup and-1.

This was a thing of beauty and shows that White is versatile. Which is something the Spurs need with all of the injuries this season.

White is averaging 13 points, 1.9 assists, 3.4 rebounds, 42% shooting and 90% shooting from the free-throw line through eight games played for Austin. he and the Spurs are currently at the NBA G League Showcase and will next face Wisconsin.

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