Spurs Zone Roundtable: How will the Spurs do on their tough 3-game road trip?


The San Antonio Spurs are about to kick off a tough 3-game road trip starting tonight versus the defending NBA champs Golden State Warriors. After, the Spurs will face the Thunder and the red-hot Rockets.

Needless to say, the Spurs have their work cut out for them but how will the team do once the road trip is over?

The Spurs Zone crew got together to discuss and predict how the Spurs will fare over the next three games.

Michael Rehome, Spurs Zone Contributor:

This team is in a world of hurt. They are not playing good basketball at all. The heart is there, as they showed against the Memphis Grizzlies on Monday but lets be frank, that should of been a blowout for San Antonio. Memphis should not of been in that game at all.

The Spurs have the toughest remaining schedule in the league and it is against two teams that many are to believe to be playing for the NBA title, starting with the Houston Rockets and ending with the Golden State Warriors.

Houston is playing the best basketball to-date. James Harden is a MVP candidate and they have a bench that is loaded. They are playing great basketball right now and I do not see the Spurs defeating them, or even Golden State. I think if there is one team in their next three that they can possibly win a game against it is Oklahoma City, and that is a big maybe.

Bottom line, I would see them going 1-2 over their next three but would not be surprised if they lost all three. The plot thickens and Spurs are losses away from not seeing the playoffs for the first time in over two decades.

Marquez Anderson, Spurs Zone Contributor:

The game against the Warriors will probably not go too well. Their offense is just too potent, and they are already a tough out when they are playing at home. I’d expect the Spurs to lose this one.

The best chance for a win is against the Thunder. However, that game could probably go both ways, as the Thunder will be looking to improve their standing in the conference. Also, Russell Westbrook alone is enough to get by a lot of teams. It will be interesting to see how this one plays out.

The game against the Rockets concludes the three game road trip, and will be another difficult game. Houston is on a mission this season. Harden has been playing tremendously, and the addition of Chris Paul has been as significant as we expected. They also have depth and a slew of scorers, which makes them dangerous. I don’t think the Spurs will come out with a victory against them.

With this being said, I expect the Spurs to go 1-2, but losing all three is a legitimate possibility. However, this draft class is extremely talented, so improving their position may not be all that bad.

Derek Machen, Spurs Zone Contributor:

I predict the San Antonio Spurs to put a 1-2 record against the Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

For the Warriors, Steve Kerr and co. just have far too much firepower to keep up with. The same goes for Houston, especially after adding Joe Johnson off of waivers. The Spurs’ one chance at a win may very well come against a Thunder team jockeying the Western playoffs for position.

While it’s not the most ideal matchup thanks to the reigning MVP Russell Westbrook, OKC isn’t as deep as San Antonio which gives the Spurs the best shot at a victory versus these three teams. The 50-win season streak may come to an end, but Popovich can definitely salvage the season with a late postseason push seeing as Kawhi Leonard is set to make a return later this month.

Tyler Clerkin, Spurs Zone Contributor:

The Spurs have shown signs of life recently, but they have also shown that they can be beaten by some of the leagues worst teams. In their most recent game, we saw them go down to the wire with the Memphis Grizzlies who have only won 17 games this season. We have also seen them take down the Cleveland Cavaliers who will always be a top tier team when LeBron James is on the court.

With that being said, I think that this road trip will prove to be way too much for the Spurs. I don't think they will be able to win a game against any of these teams. They are struggling to find their groove offensively and to beat a team like the Golden State Warriors or Houston Rockets, you have to be able to put points on the board. If other players are able to step up then I can see them maybe stealing the game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, but even that is a long shot.

This is going to be a very important road trip and if they are not able to pick up at least one win then their playoff chances are hurting.

Jeff Garcia, Spurs Zone Lead Writer/Manager:

Crash and burn.

This Spurs team is limping into this 3-game road trip, dealing with injuries, having issues maintaining leads of late, and if history is any indication, this won't be pretty.

Here is food for thought as the Spurs get set to face the Warriors, Thunder and Rockets - they are 1-6 versus the last seven West teams, 3-7 in their last 10 games, 0-2 agaisnt the Warriors, 1-1 versus OKC and 0-2 versus the Rockets.

Toss in the fact they struggled against a very depleted Memphis team at home no less, barely eeking out a 2-point win and this team shouldn't instill confidence in the masses heading into the next three games which feature three tough opponents.


Thoughts Spurs fans? Let me know on Twitter at @JeffGSpursZone.

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