Bonner shares hilarious story about Popovich, calls Arcade Fire's Win best celeb baller

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich was on hand to give new shoes to every student enrolled at San Antonio's Gates Elementary. (SBG Photo)

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Former San Antonio Spurs forward Matt Bonner was a guest on the DIME Podcast to talk about the state of the NBA, the wild offseason and his time with the Spurs.

During the interview, Head Coach Gregg Popovich's name came up and how he can be grumpy. Bonner quickly shot that notion down saying Pop is actually a great guy, generous and funny.

He was then asked to give a funny story about Popovich and Bonner delivered.

Matt told a story about how during a game at the AT&T Center, Pop was drawing up a play and talking to the guys during a timeout. Close by was a fan relentlessly screaming for Pop to put in Bonner in order for the team to get the win.

The fan didn't stop yelling for Bonner to check into the game when Pop spoke to Matt which got the entire team laughing.

There was this random guy sitting like two or three rows behind the bench just screaming the whole timeout, 'Come on Pop put Bonner in! Why don't you put Bonner in? Come on Pop don't you want to win?'
About half-way though, Pop looks back at me in the huddle and goes, 'Matty, can you tell your dad to be quiet?'
Everybody died laughing!

That is such a great story and kills the notion Pop is just a big curmudgeon.

And if you thought Matty was done with his tales of the court, hold on a second.

When asked who is the best celebrity player he's faced, he pointed at Arcade Fire's singer Win Butler.

"I'm going to have to say Win to be honest with you."
He doesn't look like it but he's got like this nasty, men's league game.

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