Spurs dot 2017 NBA GM survey

spurslogo2.png has just conducted their annual GM survey and as you expect, the Golden State Warriors are at the top to repeat as NBA champions.

As clear as that may be, the General Managers responded to 47 different questions about the best players, coaches, fans, and offseason moves.

Spurs' Kawhi Leonard, Manu Ginobili and Rudy Gay were among the players from San Antonio being mentioned in the survey as well as Head Coach Gregg Popovich and Assistant Ettore Messina.

Kawhi was mentioned in six categories, two of which was number one on the list.

Have a guess?

Leonard was named “Best Defensive player in the NBA” and “Best perimeter player in the NBA."

Gay was mentioned in the “Most underrated player acquisition."

Popovich was named as the “Best Coach In the NBA” receiving 82 percent of the votes. Pop was named atop of a list as “best manager/motivator” of people.

Manu was named as the “active player that will make the best head coach one day” receiving 14 percent of the votes.

Below are some of the results from the survey. To view the full list, head over to

Who will win the 2017-18 MVP?

1. LeBron James, Cleveland – 50%

2. Kevin Durant, Golden State –29%

3. Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio – 11%

4. James Harden, Houston – 7%

5. Stephen Curry, Golden State – 4%

If you were starting a franchise today and could sign any player in the NBA, who would it be?

1. Karl-Anthony Towns, Minnesota – 29%

2. Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee – 21%

3. LeBron James, Cleveland – 18%

4. Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio – 14%

5. Kevin Durant, Golden State – 11%

Which player forces opposing coaches to make the most adjustments?

1. LeBron James, Cleveland – 48%

2. Stephen Curry, Golden State – 21%

3. James Harden, Houston – 14%

4. Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City – 7%

Also receiving votes: Kevin Durant, Golden State; Draymond Green, Golden State; Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio

Who is the best small forward in the NBA?

1. LeBron James, Cleveland – 61%

2. Kevin Durant, Golden State – 32%

3. Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio – 7%

What was the most underrated player acquisition?

1. Paul Millsap, Denver – 24%

2. Avery Bradley, Detroit – 17%

3. Jimmy Butler, Minnesota – 10%

Jae Crowder, Cleveland – 10%

5. Bogdan Bogdanovic, Sacramento – 7%

Rudy Gay, San Antonio – 7%

Who is the best defensive player in the NBA?

1. Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio – 62%

2. Draymond Green, Golden State – 21%

3. Rudy Gobert, Utah – 10%

Who is the best perimeter defender in the NBA?

1. Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio – 72%

2. Avery Bradley, Detroit – 14%

Also receiving votes: Jimmy Butler, Minnesota; Draymond Green, Golden State; Andre Roberson, Oklahoma City; Marcus Smart, Boston

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