WATCH: David Robinson questions the Spurs lack of vocal leadership

David Robinson (via ESPN)

Twitter: @JeffGSpursZone

San Antonio Spurs legend David Robinson was a guest on ESPN's "First Take," and was asked about the struggles his former team is going through this season.

Namely whether or not there is a culture issue in San Antonio and if the team is lacking in vocal leadership on the court.

Robinson then questioned if LaMarcus Aldridge and Kawhi Leonard can be that vocal leader on the team post Tim Duncan era.

"It is unusual. Obviously, you have 25 years of a great culture and not a lot of bad news coming out of a culture. There's always challenges. You grow you evolve."
"Who's going to step up? Who's going to be that vocal leader? Who's going to continue that culture building?
Kawhi is a quiet guy. One of the quietest guys I've ever been around. And it's not in his personality to step into Tim Duncan's shoes. It might not be in LaMarcus Aldridge's personality to step into Tim Duncan's shoes.
"I think that's one of our challenges right now."

This on-the-floor leadership has been sorely missed in San Antonio since Duncan retired.

And it hasn't just been Robinson who sees an issue here.

Recently, Head Coach Gregg Popovich also spoke on how much he misses Duncan's presence on and off the floor.

"Everybody just responded to his example on and off the court, the way he practiced, coming early and staying late. The way he handled wins. The way he handled losses," Popovich said. "He was such a stalwart, such a foundation. He exuded such a leadership in a quiet way."

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