WATCH: DeRozan let's kid battling leukemia know he has his support

    photo: Spurs

    The San Antonio Spurs picked up a much needed win in their recent outing against the Milwaukee Bucks, but Spurs guard DeMar DeRozan knew this game was won for a special fan.

    Noah Keck is an eight year old kid who is currently fighting leukemia. He was in attendance with his father for the game and while he was enjoying himself watching the team warm up, DeRozan made sure to let him know the entire Spurs family is behind him for his battle against this disease.

    While wearing a DeRozan jersey, Kecke received a pair of signed sneakers from DeRozan and after hearing that it was his first time seeing the Spurs in person, DeRozan knew that they had to deliver the win.

    And they did just that.

    The Spurs managed to defeat the Bucks with a score of 121-114 behind a stellar performance from DeRozan. He finished with 28 points, four rebounds, six assists and two steals.

    This isn’t the first time we’ve seen DeRozan care for victims of life threatening illnesses. His mother is currently battling lupus and because of that, DeRozan makes sure he throws events to help spread awareness of this disease.

    DeRozan is also familiar with battling obstacles of his own. After revealing his struggle with depression, fans and analysts were given a better look at how NBA players can go through struggles just like the rest of the world.

    It’s great to see DeRozan be so inspired to help spread awareness of mental and physical illness and it is also great to see that he cares so much about San Antonio’s fan base the way he does.


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