WATCH: Spurs great Tim Duncan throws a mean right hook during kickboxing training

photo: J. Echols

San Antonio Spurs great Tim Duncan definitely has some punching and kicking power!

In case you did not know, Duncan has been involved in kickboxing to stay in tip-top shape in retirement with San Antonio instructor Jason Echols.

Throughout the years, Echols has shared some of Duncan's training sessions and in the latest video, the Spurs great looks like he can not only pick up a basketball and play but also shows he may be in peak physical condition throwing punches and kicks with power.

Check out Duncan in action.

Not to be out done, Spurs icon David Robinson also got in some sparring time with Echols.

One thing is for sure, no one would want a 7-foot, pro-athlete coming at them with his kind of training under their belt.


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