Tim Duncan’s rescue mission in the Virgin Islands

Photo courtesy NBA Entertainment

I said it all during Tim Duncan's playing career. TD doesn't get near enough respect for his proper place in NBA history. And now, I'm saying it again because of his quiet nature, most don't realize just what he's done. During hurricane season, there were many relief efforts and fundraiser, but Tim Duncan never stopped.

Just in the past few days, Tim's group delivered more food to his childhood home - The Virgin Islands. It's just the latest of many trips for Tim tot he VI. But few know just how much he's accomplished.

Duncan formed a group here called The Bad News Bears.

A few folks with little experience have changed the lives of thousands. Thanks to our friends at NBA Entertainment. Click here to watch.

Just amazing what Tim has done, and like I said, he doesn't get enough credit.

If you’re wanting to help and donate to this great cause, go to

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