SC Gov McMaster urges patience during slow, deadly Hurricane Florence

    South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster addresses reporters regarding Hurricane Florence, Friday, Sept. 14, 2018. (WPDE)

    The governor of South Carolina is urging citizens to be patient during slow-moving Hurricane Florence, which has already turned deadly.

    "We will have to have patience," said Gov. Henry McMaster during a news conference Friday afternoon.

    Category 1 Florence has taken at least three lives since making landfall Friday morning. A mother and baby were killed by a felled tree in Wilmington, North Carolina. According to The Associated Press, North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper's office says a third person was killed in the Tar Heel State while plugging in a generator.

    A National Weather Service spokesman told reporters:

    "One big problem is that Florence is only moving at 5 mph, which is only a little faster than the average walking speed of a person. This means we're in for long duration impacts, especially across the northeast part of the state."

    McMaster ended the news conference saying, "Don't gamble. We do not want to lose a single life in South Carolina in this storm."

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