Is oak season almost done?

Oak season.jpg

News Flash!

Pollen count for Today(Monday) just came in and for the first time since March 29th and only the second time since March 21st the oak count was not Heavy. Today's Oak came in Moderate at 410. So is this finally the beginning of the end of what has been a seemingly endless Oak season?

I reached out to our pollen count collector Shannon Syring. She's been taking the counts for almost 30 years. She says that "YES" the peak of the season is indeed over! Last year oak pollen stopped showing up on April 20th but Syring says we are running about a week behind this year.

This year's highest count was 20,270 recorded on the 4th of April and the all-time high was in 2015 when the Oak count skyrocketed to 41,320!

So not to be a Debbie Downer, but what's next after Oak? Shannon says Pecan is next up and will last through May along with Grass through June. The next significant pollen won't start until the fall when Ragweed does it's thing.

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