Another batch of Saharan dust heading our way

Saharan dust heading toward US (graphic courtesy NOAA)

SAN ANTONIO - If it's not the rain it's the dust! I'm talking the Saharan dust. Yes from that Sahara, the desert in Africa!

The upper level winds drive the dust all the way across the Atlantic Ocean and pour it into the Gulf of Mexico. From there it comes into the Western Gulf and straight into the Texas Coast.

Sometimes the dust is light and sometimes it's thick and hangs around for days.

We already had one batch of it a couple of weeks ago, and for a few days the skies turned hazy. A few San Antonians even reported a light film on their cars.

It's a concern, especially for those with respiratory issues and for the very young and the elderly.

The good news about the dust that moved in last month is that it cleared up pretty quickly. For most of us it was just a cool oddity. Dust actually moving here all the way from Africa!

But the latest NOAA satellite pictures are showing another bigger area over the Atlantic Ocean heading our way. And the shear size of it suggests it may last longer than just a couple of days.

The Texas Commission on Air Quality, which issues an air quality index every day, has put us at a"Moderate" air quality level for the next few days and into the weekend.

So along with sweltering heat that's expected by the weekend, also look for the skies to once again turn hazy.

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