El Nino on the way for this Fall season

el nino.jpg

SAN ANTONIO---After a record breaking September everything is overgrown, everything is green and that's great for now. It's turned our drought fortunes completely around but I've done some research here on the next three months and tell you what don't put your umbrellas away just yet.

Remember the old rhythm, ”rain, rain go away, come again another day”? Well if things pan out for this fall the way they're looking we may all be chanting it.

It's looking like an El Nino pattern is setting up. Right now more than a 50 percent chance of at least a weak one for the next three months.

El Nino patterns normally drop the subtropical jet flow further south and drives disturbance after disturbance right across us. That translates into more opportunities for even more rainfall for our already saturated ground. The precipitation forecast shows above normal rainfall in South Texas and across most of the state. And because of the extra clouds and the fact that the polar jet, which normally ushers in the cold fronts will be a little further North, we're also looking at above normal temperatures through December.

And even though because of this we're likely to see a few more flooding situations than normal the flip side is that the aquifer should be in a great place going into this coming spring and summer and the extra rain should keep the drought at bay as well. More water in the lakes and rivers and great for our crops.

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