Flu shots recommended with flu season just around the corner

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SAN ANTONIO---Flu season is knocking at our doors once again. Last season was a bad one. So what's this season looking like?

And is it time to get start getting our flu shots?

Just this week Beaumont reported a case of the flu and since flu season normally starts in October people are already beginning to think about it

"I've never gotten one before and I've never really gotten the flu so I hope it does. My girlfriend and I got into a discussion about it yesterday as a matter a fact and she said it would be better for me so fingers crossed sir," says Matthew.

“I get them every year because I'm a senior citizen and I get free shots and then I have asthma and allergies and I get something for that to,” explains Rosie.

And according to the San Antonio Metro Health office here in the area no flu cases have been reported but,

Dr. Anita Kurian, Assistant Director for San Antonio Metro Health District says, "we are beginning to see flu-like illness activities in our emergency rooms, urgent care, doctor’s offices and that is to be expected."

The flu vaccine is actually based on what kinds of flu strains were reported in the Southern Hemisphere because they just finished their winter season.

Last year it was the H1Ni flu strain that was so dominant and what the vaccine didn't handle well.

"It's still H1N1 and H3N2 and the two B flu lineages," says Dr. Kurian

So does that mean the vaccine won't be as effective again this year?

"It's very hard to predict how closely the vaccine strains will match the circulating flu strain but we expect it to work," explains, Kurian.

And Dr. Kurian says getting the flu shot reduces your chances by 30-60 percent and that they are widely available for everyone 6 months and older and that pregnant women should get the vaccine as well because it not only protects them but the baby as well

She also said that Tamiflu is in stock and not expected to run short this year.

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