Time to get our lawns ready for winter


SAN ANTONIO---It's officially time to start prepping your lawn for winter.

Laura Jarvis from Rainbow Nursery says there are some key things we need to do starting with the fertilizer.

"Fall is the perfect time to get the winterizer down. What the winterizer is going to do for you. What it's going to do for you is help the root growth of your lawn during the winter months."

And there's a couple of other tips like mulch and pre-emergent.

"So there's probably some uncovered areas that would need winter protection not only from the cold but from those winter rains and you don't want to have a lot of soil erosion," explains Jarvis.

Then there's all the rain we've gotten,

"And that moisture is the perfect place for all that germination for the weeds and the grass to explode on us,” adds Jarvis.

And to fight the bugs Jarvis suggests Nematodes, which are microscopic organisms that actually eat the larva.

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